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The New Orleans Beignet Festival

September 23 2023 

Find The Four in the merch tent in City Park for one of New Orleans premier fall festivals. Besides all the beignets you can eat there will be local music and multiple activities to showcase the culture of New Orleans.

The Rougarou Fest

October 20-22

Houma LA

The Rougarou Fest is a family friendly festival with a spooky flair that celebrates the rich folklore that exists along bayous of Southeast Louisiana.  The perfect place to meet the ladies of The Four and the Rougarou who makes a splash amongst its pages. You will find witches, parades, arts & crafts & The author if you find your way to the bayou. Fun, thrills & a chance to get a signed copy of The Four.

Miami Book Fair

November 12-19 2023

The Four has been accepted at the prestigious Miami book Fair. Alexandra will be in attendance on Friday and Saturday.  There will be a meet and greet with the author.  A Q&A session and the opportunity to purchase a signed copy of The Four.

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