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...And still she writes...

Upcoming Projects

Alexandra Haden-Douglas has new unpublished works to include Adult fiction and fantasy.

Stay tuned for more works by this talented and whimsical author. 


The Circlet

What if the life you thought was yours, really wasn’t? Arden, barely twenty-one is grieving the loss of her parents the apparent victims of a horrific accident.  Never believing the story she is told she discovers the past is a wilderness of horrors; one she must traverse to discover who is responsible.  Her quest uncovers a tangled web of lies wrapped in lifetime of love. Uncovering the truth doesn’t always set you free, but chains you to the person you must be.

The shelf over the closet door

When the antique chalice on the shelf above the closet door metaphorically begins to tick, Laali realizes she is about to embark on an adventure she never saw coming.
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